''I did not build this boat to stay inside the harbor.''


Mindful Coaching's approach


Through listening and gentle questions, Catherine will provide you with the spaciousness and perspective you need to discover inspiring and effective new ways to look at things. Mindful Coaching calms the conundrums we can find ourselves spiraling in so easily, connects us with our deeper purpose and challenges our comfort zones. The sessions offer tools to tackle the changes you really want to make, in first-hand and relevant ways so that you are more productive and present. The experience will nourish your innate wisdom, courage and resiliency.

Being effective and being yourself make all the difference in today's world. What steps should you take to impact the world with your unique footprint? How can this change be fully embodied to unfold your full potential?



Be it growing your business on your terms, working on personal growth, making positive changes for your health and well-being or improving your work or personal life—achieving your goals requires focus and your full attention.Through Mindful Coaching, you’ll co-create an action plan to foster new habits and challenge you to move beyond barriers and old tendencies to what is most useful and meaningful for you.

Different from therapy, coaching helps make unconscious challenges explicit and kick-starts constructive movement forward. Instead of lingering in the past, coaching allows you to explore your present challenges and develop new positive habits to practice with, notwithstanding the influence of the past. Attentive to and focused on each opportunity, you’ll aim toward the future with your vision and values at the core of each step.

How Mindful Coaching came to be

''A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to move toward higher levels.''

―Albert Einstein


Mindfulness is key to leadership, innovation and success in the workplace and in our personal lives—it makes us more aware, authentic, kind, healthy and productive.

Studies in neuroscience show that what we entertain in our mind, literally takes up energy. What we hold in our mind unconsciously influences what we notice and focus on, as well as the choices we make. Stimulating creative pathways through breathing, opening our heart space and the mind-body connection, as well as exploring new and inspiring coaching questions, calibrate what we do in the world to a higher standard of innovation. This benefits not only our quality of life but also impacts the world at large.

"When body and mind come together in awareness, fully established in the here and now, we are free and we can live every moment of our daily lives deeply and happily."

Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindful Coaching is the culmination of Catherine's enduring passion for helping people realize their full potential. She brings a unique blend of experience gained from over two decades of sharing mind and body practices and her work as an entrepreneur and creative artist.

Through the client-coach partnership and thought-provoking coaching conversations, she is committed to supporting women and men as they initiate a process of change. She is dedicated to helping them lead more productive, healthy and creative lives, providing support so that the journey they embark upon comes to fruition today and what they implement endures in each embodied step–no holds barred.

Next Steps...

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