Mindful Coaching becomes a catalyst for enacting major shifts that are unique to you. Catherine knows how to deeply listen, pose timely and relevant questions and co-create a practical and powerful action plan which allows you to practice the steps towards implementing the change you want to make, every day.

Mindfulness simply means bringing your full attention to the present moment, naturally, through breath awareness. Mindfulness is a clear road to greater peace of mind, despite the challenges you may face. It allows you to be more efficient with your time by rewiring your brain to minimize distraction and maximize your focus—this is as useful in your personal life as it is in the workplace.


Being mindful lets you make optimal choices instead of knee-jerk reactions. Why not map out your workweek according to clearer priorities and make healthier transitions between home and work? At the end of each session, you will leave with an action plan that brings you that much closer to your goal, concretely and effectively.


Whether you want to get back on track with health and wellness or raise your professional career or personal life to the next level, Catherine’s mindful approach to coaching will help you instill new, positive habits and create important changes—these sessions may be just what you need to lead the life you want!

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