Coaching with a twist


Coaching gives you the confidence you need to connect to your resources and take risks. By re-patterning your habitual responses, you become engaged and able to move forward. Combining coaching with a mind and body practice can help support you in embodying and implementing change.

“It takes breaking awful habits and using mindfulness or brain has been wired to crave this idea of distraction. I think about meditation or mindfulness or just being brought back to the moment; that practice is so important to break those bad habits.”

—(Excerpt from a KYO journal conversation) Alex Nemeroff co-founder of digital design agency Dynamo Workmode and host of Dynamic/MTL conferences and Workmode podcasts.


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Mind and Body Possibilities

Catherine has a strong background in health and wellness, and will work intuitively with you to support you through your process. You’ll work together to find the best combination of tools to help you fully embody the steps toward your goal. She can offer the following tools either alongside the coaching conversations, or lead these practices at your workplace, on your breaks:

  • Meditation, visualization, breathing and energetic techniques
  • Rebalancing coaching: Yoga or Qigong (Taoist Yoga) 
  • Walking coaching

Coaching and streamlining our thoughts


Meditation, visualization, breathing and energetic techniques

A coaching conversation about pressing issues, followed by a session of breathing techniques/meditation/visualization (including tools that you can take home with you).

Are you too busy and stressed to go for coaching?


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Coaching with added energy for change


Rebalancing Coaching

A coaching conversation combined with Yoga or Qigong exercises (pronounced Chi Gong) : an ancient Chinese healing art involving meditation, controlled breathing, and movement exercises. Carefully selected relevant to your goal to help you build more energy and free up blockages. Take-home practices tailored to your needs.


  • What do your body and feelings have to do with change?

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Coaching as you walk and get some fresh air


Walking Coaching

If you like to move, but work has you sitting all day, perhaps you’d like to use your lunch hour or downtime as an opportunity to get the blood flowing and effect change. You pick the circuit, and Catherine will give you a 60-minute walking coaching session.


  • What does letting go of doing all the time have to do with success?

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Next Steps ...

If you have any questions, or are ready to begin get in touch here.