"I'm too stressed—I have no time for coaching!"

—Almost Everyone (before they begin coaching sessions)

Coaching reduces stress. When you're engaged in the process, your brain relaxes and can operate at a more sophisticated level— that is, beyond survival mode (black-and-white thinking or knee-jerk reactions). When mindfully coached, you are able to make wiser decisions, and access your emotional intelligence, empathy and creativity. You are more likely to assume people have good intentions, and you can tap into collective wisdom. You become a more inspiring leader and are moving forward.

"Why can't I just think my way through this problem? What do my body and feelings have to do with anything?"

—Almost Everyone (before they begin coaching sessions)


Every part of our body's nervous system participates in processing information. Our brain is not just in our head. We have neurons in our heart and gut which have even been referred to as our second brain (read more). When we favour staying up in our heads, we are ignoring a large portion of our intelligence and insight. All true learning stems from emotion—it signals that something is relevant and matters deeply to us. Without an emotional connection, it is much less likely that we will be able to either remember or change.


"If I let go of do-do-do mode how will I be successful?"

Almost Everyone (before they begin coaching sessions)




Coaching helps build crucial connections between our mind and body which lead to positive growth and integrity. This process directly impacts our success in leadership and life. Living with a do-do-do mindset does not allow us to connect to our vision and values. Without reflection and exploration, we may lose our sense of why—how can we leave the safety of the harbour without complete commitment to our sense of purpose?


The final resistance:

"Let's be honest, I'm afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone."

—Almost Everyone (before they begin coaching sessions)


According to neuroscientific research, the best way to create new neural pathways for meaningful and lasting change is to step outside our comfort zones and be willing to experiment in order to eventually succeed. If the experience is fun, our brain and nervous system relax, we have more readily available energy, we have access to fresh creative insights and change becomes easier. Coaching fuels change—it is fun, meaningful and promotes success.



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