From a completely new vantage point ...

''Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.''

The International Coach Federation (ICF)


The client-coach partnership

In the client-coach partnership, the coach acts as a mirror, a bridge or a diving board, depending on your needs—whether to look at things through a new lens, connect to your vision for change or take the plunge. By offering a completely new vantage point, the client-coach partnership allows you to access your wisdom and discover new insights. How can you leap from one cliff to the next? What can help you be courageous enough to shift at your own rhythm?

Six coaching sessions, one every two weeks

Through focused sessions and a client-coach partnership, you will co-create an action plan for your daily life to bring about the change you seek. Catherine will help you be accountable for performing those actions at your own pace and degree of challenge. If needed, the exploration will be enhanced by additional resources (links, books, methods, etc.) to make your experience more satisfying and complete.


Sessions typically take place in the heart of downtown Montreal at Catherine's peaceful studio office—Studio MMP. They can also take place in your favorite café, by Skype or phone.


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Mind and body: Coaching with a twist

Catherine’s services also include walking coaching sessions, coaching conversations combined with mind-body practices, as well as on-site yoga, Qigong or guided meditation (generally during lunch breaks).



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Connecting to purpose is essential

Our life is a journey

What if we could cultivate the capacity to be fully alive, resourceful and connected to our people, our environment and ourselves while we are on this journey? What if we could develop a strong sense of purpose meeting and moving through life’s challenges?

What if we can no longer ignore what needs to happen?


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Next Steps...

If you have any questions, are ready to embark on the full six-session commitment to take you to the next level, get in touch with Catherine today!