“As a client of Mindful Coaching, working with Catherine as your coach, you are encouraged to look inwards and find answers to your own questions—you  are skillfully directed by Catherine so that you arrive at the conclusions yourself by getting into the nitty-gritty of who you are as an individual. I came into the session at a pretty big crossroads in my professional career. Thankfully, I was able to arrive at what I believe is the right decision for myself, by recognizing what I truly value in my life and what is important to me with the guidance of Catherine. ”

—N.B., Risk Analytics Associate


“My coaching sessions with Catherine were truly an invaluable experience. Her profound intuitive nature and enlightening insights helped me take positive steps to evolve on both my personal and professional career paths.”

—N.M., Photographer


"Catherine is a very upbeat yet realistic coach whose direct feedback enables you to perceive situations more clearly and to find solutions to them.  Originally, I went to Catherine because I was about to enter a new phase in my life: retirement.  I was able to discuss my direction and to alleviate some of the uncertainty about entering this new phase. Also, since I was still in the work force and experiencing tiredness and stress, she offered me techniques that I would enjoy to make the transition from work to relaxation mode.  Catherine is very creative, relatable, and she offers practical tools for change.  Equally desirable is the feeling that you can discuss any subject with her.  Following our last session together, I had a major breakthrough.  Catherine's intelligence and skill can help you on your journey."

—C.W., Teacher


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