Career shift forward

  • To start my own business
  • To grow my business on my own terms
  • To envision a new career
  • To learn how to focus more on my career advancement
  • To define my business mission
  • To develop the courage to leave my current employment that is safe but unsatisfying
  • To finally write that book or create my next film
  • To feel motivated and clear-headed about what I truly want
  • . . .
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  • To envision a new career or relationship shift
  • To be confident as a mom returning to work, recalibrating my priorities
  • To enter retirement with an inspiring vision of what's next
  • To do more than just function after a significant loss
  • To be a better leader that inspires autonomy
  • To be a better role model
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Health and wellness

  • To manage my time effectively—find a better work/life balance
  • To communicate more effectively
  • To develop healthy eating habits
  • To have more energy for my work and family
  • To get help in facing a hard decision
  • To be healthy and happy and work through some difficult habits
  • To lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle
  • To work on my self-confidence and what holds me back from taking risks and moving forward
  • To calm my mind and reactions to things
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